Scherpe 1:1 coaching voor groeiende en schalende ondernemers

Verscherp je visie, versterk je business.


Wat je doet, hoe je werkt, waar je vandaan komt. Het is helder. Je ambities zijn groots en je voelt dat er meer te behalen valt. In meer leiderschap, in rust en ruimte in je agenda en in je hoofd. Of je nu een team hebt of nog niet, je voelt dat je de verantwoordelijkheid op je visie niet alleen meer bij jezelf wil laten liggen.

Okay, now what?

Je bent gedreven en open-minded. Je hebt passie voor je vak, leeft een goed leven. Je zoekt alleen naar dat stukje verdieping. Zingeving. Je wilt een bedrijf neerzetten dat logisch is, dat je vervult. Je wilt die diepere laag voelen en terugzien in je leven. Je wil meer lef tonen. Een krachtiger leven leiden. 

Running a business that makes you happy and which allows you to live your life the way you want to.

Many entrepreneurs know it, but few live it. Because you work mostly IN your business rather than ON your business. You can sometimes feel like a slave to your business.

At BOOSTCommunity, we strive for freedom, ownership, leadership. We believe that everything is already within you. You are great just the way you are.

We help you see that. So that you can transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Are you ready for ultimate transformation for you and your business?

Evolve into who you can be

Dare to be authentic

Live life with drive and power

Enrich your life


For reasons of discretion, we do not put all the entrepreneurs we coach on our website. 

Who are we?

We are Rosanne and Odilia, your business coaches on this journey. 

Driven, sincere, empathetic, authentic.

Making an impact, bringing about transformation. Helping entrepreneurs walk uncharted paths.

We help you take ownership of your life and business. Real leadership living from your heart and not just your head. Making a real impact in the lives of others and yourself.

Rosanne is the owner of four personal training studios (BOOSTClubs) en heeft met haar 15 jaar ervaring meer dan honderd ambitieuze ondernemers gecoacht, richting meer succes, vrijheid, geluk en balans. Zelf opgeleid en getraind door Nederlandse en internationale coaches, waaronder Dusan Djukich, Paul de Blot en meerderen. Haar inspiratie haalt ze uit de levens van de Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela en haar Indonesische opa.

Odilia draait haar handen niet om voor het bouwen van merken. Met 6 jaar ervaring in de wereld van branding, strategie en coaching en heeft ze tientallen ondernemers geholpen met het bouwen van een krachtige mindset. Met het maken van heldere keuzes en het neerzetten van een sterke visie en positionering van hun bedrijf.

Holistic Brand and
Business Mastery

Word in 1 jaar tijd een ijzersterke impactmaker. Een leider vol lef.

Je voelt dat je naar dat volgende level kan groeien. Je wilt het spel op hoger niveau spelen. En dat hoeft niet door een groter team of meer klanten. 

Dat doe je door tot de kern te komen. Van wie je bent. Door een helder fundament te bouwen, holistisch te gaan ondernemen. Word een meester van wie je bent, van waar jij en je bedrijf voor staan.

This program is fitting for you if you

Back to the essence. To meaning. To fulfillment.


Become a high level leader. Of your own life. Of your business. Create awareness and grow to the next level. Build a powerful and sustainable foundation of your business.

From that foundation, you build a clear identity of your business and a sharp positioning. 

We work from genuine intention. We are BOOST, no bullshit, straightforward. 

This is how we work

No bullshit listening

Listening from pure sincerity, presence, curiosity and openness. To others and yourself. Being open-minded to life in order to discover who you and others are and act from the right intention. 

You feel that you are alive again, you are living your own life.

Regenerate and transform

Laat los wat niet meer voor je werkt, en transformeer tot de ondernemer die je wil zijn. Creëer het bedrijf dat je voor ogen had. 

Transform from caterpillar to butterfly. It is the path to self-development to live your full potential.

Blueprint your legacy

Make an impact by going in deep. Achieve your goals with passion and energy. Leave a blueprint beyond the standard. 

Dare to go off the beaten path and enrich your life. 


For reasons of discretion, we do not put all the entrepreneurs we coach on our website. 

You're looking for that real depth

You deserve to run a business that makes you happy. With which you experience freedom and earn good money. Do you consider yourself to be worth it? We can help you with that. So that you can confidently kick aside your limiting thoughts and environment and go for gold. 

The world you don't want to live in

The world you do want to live in

Book your call

We are happy to meet with you to see if the program is right for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The coaching starts with a 2-hour on-site kick-off.

Furthermore, most of the coaching consists of online meetings via Zoom every two weeks. Occasionally we will work together offline. At our location in Breda, or at your office.

De 1-op-1 sessies plannen we online, offline is mogelijk als je dat fijner vindt. 

You learn to deal with circumstances and limiting beliefs. Be a leader who is a master of Communication. Show courage in making choices. You will create a clear identity, sharpen your vision and build a strong brand. 

Be a powerful leader of your own life and your business… Powerful leaders make a difference and make a big impact. In other words, dare to follow your own path, guard boundaries, delegate work, let the most agile lead the way, inspire the team and yourself, etc. A good leader provides a vision, a strategy, clarity in objectives and results that need to be achieved. Without leadership, a company cannot thrive to the next level. Everything that gives you attention grows.

You learn that by working on a powerful foundation. The foundation consists of yourself and your values. Dealing with fears of loss, making investments, delegating, following through, making powerful choices, etc., among other things. Without creating a powerful foundation as an entrepreneur, your business will collapse like a house of cards. How often does it happen that a business grows too fast and the staff cannot keep up. Within a short time, a company is out of business. Growing fast is not necessarily better ... It's like nature. The leaves sometimes fall from the tree and in spring they grow back on the branches. Do you dare to go with the flow of nature in your business? Many entrepreneurs do business out of fear, but did you know that fear is the worst decision maker?

Yes indeed. Just having a sharp vision and beautiful brand won't make you more profit right away. Focusing on the right actions will. We filter the core actions from the superficial actions and help you achieve the financial situation you envision. 

We have worked with a wide range of ambitious entrepreneurs. With those who feel they want to get rid of that old self. Who feel they want to get rid of weakness, and take a powerful position. Who experience emptiness and search for meaning and fulfillment. Who experience restlessness and need peace and space.

ZZP’ers die uit hun eenmanszaak willen groeien. Kleine MKB bedrijven die hun groei niet aan kunnen. Grote MKB bedrijven die naar een diepere connectie met hun visie verlangen.

Het programma volg je voor een investering vanaf €10.000. Je kunt in overleg in termijnen betalen.

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